Vigimed Consulting supports  medical device industry players to go through the quality and regulatory challenges.

Rich of an experience of more than 12 years in this field.

Vigimed-Consulting brings its expertise in enhancing the product complaints management process within your organization. It offers personalized services and adapted solutions to meet the specific needs of the company.


Medical Device Vigilance & process
Complaint Handling Management 

A veritable window on the market, this process reflects the behavior of the product after it has been placed on the market and by its nature represents an essential source of critical information making it possible to meet regulatory requirements, but also a lever for analysis (marketing, sales, satisfaction customer…) of high added value. This process is also a mirror on the articulations of your QMS. Indeed, the transversality of this process highlights the consistency of interactions with all quality processes: CAPA, non-conformities, change control, PMS.



Medical Device Vigilance

Medical device Vigilance by nature is inseparable from the complaints management process, and the quality of the evaluation of the reportability of incidents will undoubtedly depend on the quality of the information captured, itself independent of a robust process. Vigimed Consulting brings you its expertise for the implementation, deployment, maintenance and improvement of your complaints management and materiovigilance process and your quality system as a whole.


Our team is made up of experienced consultants distinguished by their multidisciplinarity and the richness of their careers, with in common the business experience and knowledge of the ecosystem of the medical device allowing us to successfully support the players in the medical device industry. DM in their quality and regulatory issues.


Director of Vigimed Consulting & Doctor of Pharmacy.

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